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Southern Plantation

Boone Hall

Look for it in and around an old house, or in the sun's shadows, or in the open lands of South Carolina's Low country. 
There are the memories of a time gone by lingering as reminders of the continuum of time and that we are but brief visiting figures on this beautiful landscape. But, also in this scene is a sense of permanence and belonging which recreates the beauty and memories of what once was and is now. 
The affections for these panoramas and reminiscences are with us all and enhance our love of South Carolina.
Madeline Carol uses apparitions and colors to create the feelings of beauty and tranquility, while imparting in some reality the past memories of the beautiful place. The ghosts seem so real and so much a part of the landscape that it is alive, and you feel you are reliving some moments in their lives. It is the passing of a gentle breeze or the spirits of another time sharing with you the beauty of nature when upon gazing at the painting you feel you are there sharing the memories of love, beauty, and light in Madeline Carol's "Sharing Memories".

Image Size:  15 3/4" x 29 1/2"

950 Signed and Numbered $85.00

Pineapple Fountain

Pineapple Fountain

Charleston's Pineapple Fountain, the center feature of Waterfront Park, provides a symbol of hospitality and welcome which has been a tradition since the city's founding in 1670. This majestic symbol of warm Southern hospitality welcomes visitors from all over the world. 
The sights and sounds of the ghost-like images provide an impression of approval from the past. This approval is founded in the continued hospitable nature of Charleston's people and the welcome symbol of the present.

Image Size:  17" x 23 1/2"

600 Signed and Numbered $75.00

Rainbow Row

Step Back in Time

The most fashionable place for an evening stroll in the late 1730's was the Bay, now known as East Bay. On East Bay Street stands a group of houses known as Rainbow Row. This lower East Bay neighborhood was once the city's heartbeat and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, having been settled in the late 1670's. Rainbow Row was once the scene of commercial activity. For generations it was inhabited by rich merchants, who imported goods from Europe.

Image Size:  17" x 23"

Encore Edition $75.00

Magical Moment

Magical Moment

Join me for a Magical Moment at one of the most important landmarks in Charleston: White Point Gardens at the Battery. You have entered a world where children play on the cannons, couples stroll, and warm summer breezes recount the memories of music from the bandstand. It is a moment where fantasy and reality combined break through the boundaries of the imagination.

Image Size:  15 3/4" x 29 1/2"

850 Signed and Numbered $85.00

Magical Moment

The Pineapple Gate

The "Pineapple Gate" is one of Charleston's treasures that displays magnificent wrought-iron gates with pineapples, a symbol of southern hospitality. The sights and sounds come alive in shadows of the old oak tree and one's imagination can see and feel the welcoming spirits of days gone by. Soft whispers of the past unveil southern bells enjoying low country gossip as the past collides with the present. However, you may ask yourself if you have seen what you thought caught your eye in the shadows. Are your senses playing tricks on you?

Image Size:  15 3/4" x 29 1/2"

850 Signed and Numbered $85.00

Magical Moment

A Meeting of Souls

Charleston's High Battery has welcomed generations of locals and tourist alike to experience our historic city. To embrace the experience, one only has to imagine the echo's of the souls of previous generations whispering the past is still present. In "A Meeting of Souls", Madeline Carol creates the reality of the past meeting the spirits of the future. Experience the magic of the past colliding with the future and face the Charleston Harbor, our gateway to the world, heighten your senses and let the magic begin.

Image Size:  11” x 14”


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