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Gallery Notes

    Packaging is intended to be temporary packaging only.  Madeline Carol Gallery is not responsible for unclaimed items after 30 days from date of purchase.

Canvas Print (Giclee):

    Giclee, pronounced "zhee-clay" is a form of the French word gicluer meaning "jet or nozzle". The name is whimsical reference to the ink jet printers used in the process. 

    A giclee is a high-resolution digital print made from archival ink and media combination. Giclee is also a recognized fine art print category like lithographs and serigraphs. Giclee prints were originally developed in 1989 as a plate-less alternative to offset lithography. Advances in technology, inks, and media have allowed them to develop to the point that today they are recognized by the arts community as the best method available for fine art productions.

    Giclee prints look and feel like original art. They are made on real artists materials such as watercolors papers and canvas. Prints have continuous tone so it is often difficult to distinguish between Giclee prints and original artwork. Canvas Giclees can also be "hand retouched" to more closely resemble the texture of the original artwork, if so desired by the artist. They offer richness in detail, depth and brilliant color not available in traditional printing methods. Archival inks, papers and canvases used throughout give Giclees a lifespan that far exceeds that of other reproduction processes.

Giclee Care:

    Giclees are the vision of the future in fine art reproduction and giclee on canvas are by far the most "true to life" reproduction of its kind. The giclee prints that you are receiving are printed on canvas and are hand embellished. Special care must be taken with this high quality product and here are some suggestions:

    This canvas giclee is embellished with a product that mimics the brushstrokes of the original image. These brushstrokes have peaks and valleys that are three-dimensional. Some stand off the image higher than others to give the illusion of heavy brush strokes. Because of this effect, it is important that extra measures are taken when storing these prints.

    Please take care not to place canvas giclees face to face, as they may stick together. Be sure not to place any paper product such as foam core or cardboard on the surface of the image due to the adhesive effect of the embellishment. Bubble or shrink-wrap and wax faced papers have proven to be the most effective barriers between the giclees on canvas.

Artist Proofs:

   The artist proof is approved by the artist to ensure color integrity.  It is commonly understood in the print industry that a maximum of 10% of a Limited Edition may be assigned as Artist Proofs.



    The insignia is a printed remarque.   This pencil drawing by the artist is printed on the lower right margin of the print.  This is available for the collector who enjoys a special and unique addition to their print.

Signed and numbered:

   The size of the signed and numbered limited edition is designated by the artist.  This edition is traditionally larger than the artist proofs or insignias.  Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.


   An Encore edition is an unlimited reproduction.

Copyright copies:

   Copyright copies are traditionally limited to two copies.

Definition of a Collector:   

   In the spirit of fairness to all who want special assigned numbers, a collector is defined by purchasing every Madeline Carol print.  This assures the collector the same special assigned number with each new release.

    If the collector chooses not to claim their number within one week of issue, the collector will forfeit their number and the number not claimed will be reassigned to the next customer on the waiting list.

    Each limited edition issue (all lithograph prints) are inspected and each print is signed and numbered by the artist.



  Madeline Carol Gallery
5810 Carolyn Street
Hannahan, SC 29410

Gallery Hours:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Closed Closed By Appt. By Appt. 11-5 11-5 11-2

     *Madeline will be at the Gallery Thursday - Saturday to personalize your art work.



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