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The Palmetto Trees, I

Welcome to the world of the palmetto tree.  The palmetto is the name given to several kinds of fan-leafed palm trees.  The best known palmetto is the cabbage palm.  The palmetto tree has the honor of being the state tree of South Carolina.This beautiful tree is a familiar site in the low-country.  It graces our beaches, marshes, and adds decoration to our cities.This southern icon stands as a monument to the endurance and strength of the people of South Carolina.  We are proudly known as the Palmetto State.

Image Size:  12" x 24"

850 Signed and Numbered $45.00
85 Artist Proof $55.00



Echoes of Tranquility

The marshlands of the Lowcountry exhibit a mystical power of relaxation and inspire one to commune with nature - the birds songs, the tides, the boats and distant rain beckon to renew the spirit and unite in a symphony echoing tranquility.    

Image Size:  17" x 23 1/2"

695 Signed and Numbered  $115.00
69 Artist's Proofs  $165.00
50 Canvas Prints  $695.00


The Strut and Stroll

"The Strut and Stroll" is a celebration of one of the lowcountry's wildlife treasures, the Great White Egret.  This majestic Heron thrives in our low country's marshland.The sight of this Egret can evoke a smile and lift your spirits as he extols his beauty while searching for lunch. This display of nature's beauty is exhilarating to watch as the resplendent plumage reflects the light of the sun. Let the memory embrace your senses and remain a memory for your heart!




Image Size:  15 3/4" x 21"

500 Signed and Numbered $95.00
50 Artist Proof $150.00
50 Giclee' $695.0



Beyond the Sunset

As the moving clouds reveal the warm colors of the setting sun and the glistening light dances across the water, the haunting sounds of the wildlife present a lucid feeling of God's presence.  The Carolina sunset reveals the mystique of the lowcountry.  This timeless beauty unites to mystify one's senses and stirs spiritual awakenings.  The magnificence of these elements lifts the human spirit to imaginings beyond the sunset.In the painting "Beyond the Sunset", I have attempted to show God's display of love for us through his sunset.  In the foreground, I have painted a heart carved on an old oak tree stump.  Display your love for your special sweetheart by having your initials put in the heart on the old oak tree.  A loving memory that will last forever!

Image Size:  17 1/4" x 29 1/2"

950 Signed and Numbered $85.00
95 Artist Proof $150.00


The Pineapple
Symbol of Hospitality

 11x14 canvas Giclee' price is 139.00 - call "All Things Good, LLC" for various sizes and pricing @
 (843) 884-7266 or (843) 327-6364

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