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Ghost Images
Ghost of the Cooper River

In the painting "Ghosts of the Cooper River", the warm colors of the setting sun reveal the ghostly images of the great old Cooper River Bridges.  The Cooper River superstructures are superstars of their era and were considered the largest in the world at that time.  They remain a monument to man's engineering genius in the 1920's through the 1960's.  The two large cantilever bridges connect Charleston's peninsular to Mt. Pleasant.  The John P. Grace Memorial Bridge was built in the 1920's at a cost of 6 million dollars, and the Silas Pearman Bridge followed in the 1960's.The watercolor painting recreates in vivid color the moving clouds, stirring the imagination and evoking many memories.  The three mile span of the Cooper River Bridges have been compared to a giant roller coaster and have become stuff of legends.  The bridges struck fear in the hearts of many and the roller coaster-like ride would prompt adults and children to hide in the floor in the back seat of the car.  Police had to discourage teenage dare devils who would speed over the bridges to test their courage and impress their girlfriends.  A common practice was hiding in the trunk of the car to avoid the toll tax.  On July 1, 1946, the bridge was declared toll free.  Today, the Cooper River Bridge run attracts people from around the world.  The annual event unleashes thousands of runners and walkers to the challenge.As the two old bridges fade into history, the birth of the new bridge is rising before our eyes!  A new day, a new time, ushers in the Ravenel Bridge.  The soaring towers of this new bridge stretch to the heavens and provide a breathtaking visual of diamonds in the sky.  The new span dwarfs the two old bridges and provides a portal to new beginnings.  This visual celebration of progress stands int he honor of the past and promises a bright future!Generations of Charlestonians feel a great loss with the passing of the two great bridges.  Their long curvilinear lines have graced our skyline providing a dramatic view of the Charleston harbor for may years.  The ghostly memories of their grace and charm will live on in our hearts forever!


Forever Folly
Located south of Charleston on a barrier island, Folly Beach grew in the 40's and 50's in preeminence as one of the fun beaches of the South.  Having large white sand beaches, the island was equipped with wooden ramps which allowed visitors to drive their vehicles down onto the expanse of the beach and park or ride along, observing the sights.  The sound and scene of the rolling surf was interrupted by the bathers frolicking in the gentle breakers.  The chatter of sunbathers along the sloping beaches could also be heard.  In the middle of the island stood the Folly Pavilion and the Folly Pier with an amusement park clustered near it.  Here in this part of Folly Island one could experience dining, dancing, bowling, food, games, sunbathing, and just the plain company of fun-loving people enjoying the sights and sounds of Folly Beach.  The air was permeated by the smell of hotdogs and was filled with the sound of pinball machines, the excitement of people, and the hum of the rides in the amusement area behind Folly Pier.  The amusement park was filled with rides, such as the swings, a Ferris Wheel, and a Tilt-A-Whirl, to name just a few.  On a summer evening, the Folly Pier and Pavilion took on a festive look much like the midway at the Coastal Carolina Fair.  There was the sound of rides going and voices of riders screaming with delight and fear as the lighted amusements livened up under the summer night shy.  And then there was the distinct sound of the bands playing their memorable songs on the pier and the shuffle and chatter of people dancing and talking on the Pavilion that was so accustomed to this weekend ritual during the summer season.  This was Folly Beach in its heyday, and this was the old Folly Pier and amusement area that created so many of the memories which now give us only that mental picture of the Folly that once was.


 College of Charleston

Charleston is a beautiful place to live, with her warm and friendly Southern people and her treasures steeped in history.  The College of Charleston is one such treasure.  Since its beginnings, it has been a classical backdrop against which the timeless drama of education continues.The painting conveys tot he viewer the timeless life and memories of the College of Charleston.  It also reminds the viewer of the possibility of the living spirit in this historic place.  Madeline has attempted to recreate the spirit of tradition, study, camaraderie, and young love which went through the portal capturing, in a symbolic way, the gateway as an opening to the future and the past.  Inside the portal of Porters Lodge she paints the past, the present and recreates spirits dreaming of a pathway to the future.


Time Whispers
Time whispers as the warm Atlantic Ocean breeze carries memories and awakens one's senses. Stand on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and maybe you will catch a glimpse of the past. Close your eyes, feel the breeze, smell the ocean's salt water and feel the warm sand between your toes. These heartwarming memories sooth the soul and transcend time. The ghostly vision of a Folly Beach landmark appears. This landmark, an old house turned restaurant, was swept into eternity September 21, 1989, during Hurricane Hugo. One can hear the laughter of children playing among the shadows of the pilings to avoid the hot sun. Sun worshipers enjoy the sand and surf while lovers stroll hand and hand into the sunset.  Many have found solace in the timeless enchantment of such visions. Time whispers to relive the memories for brief moment. Time whispers that these memories remain memories of the heart.  

Remembering Heroes
Remembering Heroes

Brave, courageous and fearless are a few adjectives to describe the firefighter!  These men and women are willing to put their own lives on the line every time duty calls and they face the daunting, uncertain challenge of fire.
Love, appreciation and thankfulness are a few words to express the gratitude that we feel for their dedication to the firefighting job.
One June 18, 2007, the sun set on nine brave men; however, their spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of the people who love them.  The essence of who they were is represented in the nine pairs of empty boots.  The loyalty of the Dalmation symbolizes the emptiness and loneliness of losing a loved one, a master, and a friend!  Thank God for these angles that walk among us.
No greater words can express the noble cause of the American Firefighter than:
“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for another.”  John 15:13 (NIV)
Date: 2007
Edition Size:  17” x 23 ½”
618 Signed and Numbered - $115
61 Artist Proofs - $165
350 Insignia - $145


   In the Shadows of Giants
In the Shadows of Giants

As we share in the celebration and excitement of the new bridge, we honor the past.
The opening of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. bridge will open our hearts to new experiences and new memories; the dramatic diamonds in the sky stand as a metaphor for new technology and progress.
The old bridges have graced our harbor for 76 years (1929-2005) and their image is indelibly embellished in our hearts and minds.  However, their charm is not enough to save them from the ravages of time.  The passing of an era brings moments to remember and memories to treasure.  Their legacy of memories will remain memories of the heart.
“There is a time for everything.  A time to tear down and a time to build.”  Ecclesiastes 3:3 (NIV)

Date: 2005
Edition Size:  17” x 22 ½”.
850 Signed and Numbered - $95
95 Artist Proofs - $150
150 Insignia - $135
50 Canvas Prints - $895

Sprint into Summer
Spring Into Summer

ABOUT THE LITHOGRAPH:  Hearts leap with joy at the sight of spring’s first blossom!  Blossom by blossom color unfolds and shows it’s lovely face.  This treasury of beauty and fragrance embrace the senses and provides our first glimpse of Spring and promise of Summer.
In the painting “Spring into Summer”, the flower garden, cool water, and graceful egret beckon one to experience a ghostly glimpse of the past.  Amidst the sweet fragrance and in the shadow of the flowers once can catch a glimpse of a graceful Southern lady strolling in the garden and embracing a symphony of color in the moment.  Experience the joy, delight your senses, let the moment envelope your being as you are swept away to delight in the quiet elegance!

Date: 2004
Edition Size:  17” x 22 1/2”

950 Signed and Numbered - $85
95 Artist Proofs - $150



I Love You Daddy
I Love You Daddy

The American Spirit is indomitable!  The innate need to protect our homeland and a willingness to defend our ideals permeates the soul of a patriot.  As our heroes ready to meet their commitment, the presence of a divine guidance of protection comforts the soldiers and their loved ones. 
With heavy hearts, the young children’s struggle to understand their dad’s or mom’s departure.  They are faced with a dichotomy – A feeling of pride and a feeling of loss. Ultimately, in keeping with the American Spirit, hope fills their hearts and minds with longing for their loved ones safe return.

Date: 2004
Edition Size:  17” x 22 ½”
650 Signed and Numbered - $95
65 Artist Proofs - $150

Red House Plantation
The Spirit of Red House Plantation

It was an era in the Low Country when Charleston was surrounded by large and small plantations engaged in rice cultivation and the growth of cotton.  The Low Country was a place of quiet, gently flowing rivers moving back and forth with the tide.  Except for the voices of people working or talking, or the clatter of horses or the general splash of water by boats sailing along, it was an atmosphere of serenity.  The marshes were pristine, and century old oaks were spread around the country side, draped with the beauty of Spanish moss.  Successful planters put their earnings into beautiful homes, installing the luxuries of the Old Country.  Gracing the landscape were ladies in large hoop dresses and gentleman in their coated outfits.  This was of life, which seemed certain and prosperous existed until the War Between the States caused many of these plantations to become unprosperous or to fall into disrepair because of the death of their inhabitants or the loss of their fortunes.  Union soldiers brought desolation to many of these fine homes.  Fortunately for Red House, it became a headquarters for some New York Regiments during the War Between the States and did not fall to the invaders’ torch.

Edition Size:  13 ½” x 18”

Encore Edition - $40


Weathering the Storm
Weathering the Storm

In these uncertain times, I am inspired to paint the crown jewels of Charleston, our historic ante-bellum battery homes.   The homes have withstood the ravages of war, the devastation of weather through hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquake and fire.  Devastating events have come and gone while Charleston and her people continue to exemplify the strength of the American spirit.
The Dove of Peace and angles bring a message of love, peace and comfort.  The angels of the Charleston spirit have garnered the protection of our Heavenly Father and ensured continued strength, endurance and prosperity for The Holy City.
Remember the comfort and peace in the words of David, Psalm 27:1 (NIV)
The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?

Date: 2002
Edition Size:  17 ¾” x 32”
2000 Signed and Numbered - $95 
200 Artist Proofs - $150
150 Insignia of Love - $135
150 Insignia of Prayer - $135

America's City of Heroes and Angels
America's City of Heroes and Angels
The Dove of Peace and Angels bring a message of Love and Comfort

ABOUT THE LITHOGRAPH: On September 11, 2001, our nation was thrust into war and faced with terrorist attacks unprecedented in modern day.  Terror struck from the skies and America as we know it changed forever.
New York City’s Twin Towers were our tallest symbols of power and freedom.  Americans watched as the towers fell, people ran for their lives, and 4,000 to 5,000 others died.  Such senseless loss of life is unimaginable and makes us angry!  That fateful day America wept.  Rivers of tears were shed as we tried to make sense of this tragedy.
The power of the images of innocent people lost made America and the world pause and reflect on the fragility of life.  Experiencing the shock of our great nation being attached was temporary, because our people pulled together immediately and became a family.  As someone once said, “This tragedy brought out the better angels of our nature:.  We have witnessed amazing act of courage as the firefighters and police officers put their lives on the line to help others.  These heroes continue the recovery effort and Americans continue to donate bool and millions of dollars to help the victim’s families.  Our true spirt as Americans was revealed on September 11, 2001.  We were a compassionate, strong, and courageous people.
Ground zero is unbearable and the sorrow is deep, but the American Spirit will not be broken because the American Resolve is one of strength.  Our love of God, county, family, peace, home, honor, and freedom prevails!
Our heartfelt sympathy goes to all the people who have suffered from this tragedy, as well as those who continue the recovery effort.  My prayer is that we, the people of the United States, will remain a beacon of freedom throughout the world!
Date: 2001
Edition Size:  15 ¾” x 29 ½”
911 Signed and Numbered - $85 
91 Artist Proofs - $150
150 Insignia of Patriots - $125
150 Insignia of Angels - $125


Rainbow after the Storm
Rainbow After the Storm

Visitors from all over the world find historic Charleston a picturesque port city.  The antebellum homes alone provide a history that expands 400 years through which historic Charleston has endured and survived enormous tragedies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fire and wars.
Nowhere does the architectural splendor rise more gloriously before the imagination and present itself with more vivid charm.  The beauty of this parade of homes belongs not to Charleston, nor to South Carolina, but to all who view them.  They continue to symbolize survival of strength and endurance.
The rainbow reminds us that God keeps His promises.  The rainbow embracing the Battery homes reminds us that God will embrace us with his comfort and love in difficult times.  With faith and trust in God our lives will stand as a triumph in the face of life’s adversities just as our beloved Charleston and her historic homes have withstood life’s challenges for nearly a half-century.

Date: 2001
Edition Size:  15 ¾” x 30 ½
850 Signed and Numbered - $85 
90 Artist Proofs - $150
100 Gold Medallion - $135
150 Insignia - $125

Goodbye old Friends
Goodbye Old Friends

The serene grandeur of our lowcountry marshlands and waterways provides inspiration for our soul, a piece of heaven here on earth.  “Goodbye Old Friends” seems to evoke memories and the possibility of the living spirit of our Heavenly Father in our harbor.  The beauty of the lowcountry seems to have been kissed by the face of God.
As we take in the Charleston Harbor, or the Carolina sunset, or the open marshlands of the Cooper River, memories of the beautiful bridges around.  For many years, the Cooper River Bridges have graced the Charleston Harbor and provided a visual delight.  Their graceful, curvilinear shapes provide a framework for Charleston’s Silhouette.
As the sun begins to set on the two great bridges, nostalgia is forthcoming and our imagination reflects on memories of our passages through Charleston.  Memories of the sights and sounds of people running in the great Cooper River Bridge Run; memories of the bridges providing a backdrop for our local fishermen; the Parade of Boats at Christmas; Charleston’s Regatta; and memories of the bridges providing a waterway to the Atlantic Ocean for our past great naval presence.  The affection for this panoramic view and reminiscence will be with us always and will enhance our continuing love of Charleston and the lowcountry.

Date: 2000
Edition Size:  15 ¾” x 29 ½”
750 Signed and Numbered - $85 
90 Artist Proofs - $150
100 Gold Medallion - $135
150 Insignia - $125




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