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Southern Charm and Grace

Charleston, South Carolina is a magical place of memories and Southern heritage which echo the past; while it's grace and charm transcend reality and can carry one to another time! This journey can transport one to the Old World in the twenty-first century where the past collides with the present.
Charleston boasts historic treasures of anti-bellum homes, decorative iron gates, cobblestone streets, secret gardens, horse drawn carriages and resident ghosts. Her church steeples adorn the skyline-hence the name "The Holy City".
Charleston itself stands as a metaphor for strength and survival of war, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires! She is a celebration of historical sights and sounds! She will not fail you! She will delight you with her southern grace and charm!
She is truly a memory for your heart!


The Holy City

What an exciting time! We are witness to the turn of one century and the dawning of a new millennium! As we journey into this new era, we realize we are part of this historical event. As we experience being part of the dusk of the 20th century one can not help being filled with thankfulness for the many blessings that we have enjoyed in our prosperous society today due in large part to the courageous souls that have come before us. 
The history of these people is the history of Charleston. 
As our new journey approaches, we have thought about the past and it is only natural to ponder our future. Our forefathers set the example of strength, wisdom and courage. It is our time to carry this banner into the 21st century. Hopefully, this event will encourage us all to be inspired by our history and set our sights on joy, peace, wisdom and prosperity for our future. Always remember the comfort and peace in the words of our Heavenly Father......
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Image Size:  17" x 23"

2000 Signed and Numbered $85.00


Family Reunion

The family reunion celebrates the American family and continues to hold the same spirit of renewal that it once did.  It is a celebration that brings together loved ones who have had a major impact on our lives.     
Sharing memories and telling the old stories and happenings of the past create laughter and solidify the convivial nature of this event.  It is a special time to connect with our family and renew our souls.  This renewal of love, understanding, and forgiveness are the elements that have created a tapestry for our lives and solidifies the foundation of our feelings of belonging.

In the spirit of the family we salute the ones who have come before us, for they have laid the foundation for our lives and created a parade of life's lessons that are so dear to us.  Thanks, gratitude and much love are sent to these loved ones that have helped weave the tapestry of our American family and the quintessential family reunion.

Image Size:  17 1/4" x 23 1/2"
69 Artists Proof  $165.00   
 695 Signed and Numbered  $115.00

50 Canvas  $400.00 


The Boat @ Folly Beach

 Fun in the sun synonymous with Folly Beach, as destruction is synonymous with hurricanes.   On September 21, 1989 Hurricane Hugo slammed the Carolina coast, bringing high winds and rain.  In the midst of the recovery efforts, an unexpected gift appeared in the march on Folly Road.  A boat, now known as "The Boat" has provided an outlet for locals and tourists alike to express themselves by painting the boat and adding messages and designs such as happy birthday, congratulations, etc.  Creativity and energy abound as cars loaded with people, paint rollers and paintbrushes in hand prepare to change the messages. This unlikely billboard has provided a source of entertainment for the last 18 years.  "The Boat" has become an added attraction at Folly, symbolizing the creative, positive nature of the human spirit in the midst of recovery.   
 Folly Beach and the boat are known to be synonymous with fun in the sun and both continue to beckon sun lovers to frolic in the sand and surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

Image Size:  17" x 23 1/2"
618 Signed and Numbered  $115.00
61 Artist's Proofs  $165.00

Image Size:  28" x 40"
Signed and Numbered Canvas  $850.00
Artist's Proofs Canvas  $895.00


Shagging on the Beach

Of all the Charleston landmarks the Folly Pier has the greatest nostalgia.  The era of the Folly Pier was a simpler era of lazy summer days and evenings filled with dancing and socializing.  It was a time of hot dogs, "Weejuns" and beach music, known as the shag. Generations of Charlestonians danced and romanced on the Folly Pier.  In it's time, Folly Pier was a beacon on Folly Beach for all and was the premier entertainment spot on the Southeastern coast. In the 1940's the pier featured big bands like Tommy Dorsey; couples danced to the jitterbug, the waltz and the foxtrot.  In the 1950' and 1960's young and old alike rocked and swayed to the music of the Ink Spots, Fats Domino, Harry James, Guy Lombardo, Jerry Lee Lewis, and so many others. Close your eyes, see the Pier, feel the rhythm and hear the sound of the band.  The flood of memories will rock your inner spirit and bring forth a symphony of unrelenting waves crashing on the pilings rolling to the beat of the music. These memories of sun drenched days giving way to the rhythm on the beach serve as a monument to the Folly Pier and the Good Old Days!

Image Size:  17 1/2" x 29 1/2"
695 Signed and Numbered $95.00
69 Artists Proof $150.00

Large Canvas:  24" x 45"
Signed and Numbered  $800
Artists Proof  $850.00

Small Canvas:  20" x 35"
Signed and Numbered  $400.00
Artists Proof  $450.00


Coming Home,
Artist's Memory of August 8,  2000

On the morning of August 8, 2000, one could almost hear a chorus of angels singing as the sun began to shine.  The sun broke through the clouds when the small historic submarine broke from the ocean waters.  Emotions ran high on this morning when angels sang and grown men cried witnessing history in the making.A flotilla of pleasure boats escort the barge carrying the small submarine, passing crowds at Sullivan's Island.  The flotilla and the barge continue to make their way up the Cooper River, parading past hundreds of spectators at Battery Park, the South Carolina Aquarium, and the Cooper River bridges.  Many onlookers have Confederate flags held high and Southern pride is the order of the day!  The excitement of the moment is heightened by the continuous cheering and ringing of church bells. Re-enactors celebrate from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Yorktown, as others fire a 21-gun salute and Confederate cannons roar!  As the cheers of the crowd continue, one's mind drifts back in time...One hundred and twenty six years ago, a small submarine carrying nine brave young men slipped into the dark, cold water from Breach Inlet under the cloak of darkness. The mission was to search, find, and destroy a Yankee blockade ship.  The men were aware that testing the readiness of the submarine had already claimed many lives. The bravery, dedication and determination overruled any fear that they may have had that fateful night. On February 17, 1864, the submarine sank the Union blockader Housatonic off the coast of Sullivan's Island. This single historic event marked the beginning of submarine warfare.
The visual presentation of the painting "Coming Home" elevates the senses and beckons all to become one with the moment. A strong spirit of Southern Pride is displayed as the celebration continues with crowds, flags, and church bells.  In the excitement one can almost hear whispers from the past, and feel the spirits of the ghostly images enjoying the adulation of the moment. Look skyward and the clouds reveal an impression of the small sub's successful surprise attack.
This marvel of Southern invention is a precious gift from another time and stands as a monument to the brave souls who had a strong desire to give all for the cause.  The crew provides a legacy that is revealed through heroism, bravery, and tragedy.  Memories of the raising of this submarine are frozen in time in the painting "Coming Home".  (Memories and imagination captured between the past and the present on August 8, 2000.)  

Image Size:  17 1/4" x 29 1/2"

1864 Signed and Numbered $85.00
186 Artists Proof $150.000
150 Insignia of Honor $135.00

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